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Dream Hair

A few weeks ago I saw a tweet from a local hair salon that I had been admiring for months! My daughter and I regularly would look up their social media, drool over gorgeous, colourful on point hair and dream of being turned into mermaids or unicorns ourselves. You name it we checked it out; their facebook, twitter, instagram feeds, you name it we were all over it. And then there it was a tweet asking if anyone was free and wanted to hair brightly coloured hair as a model. Well I jumped at the chance; a few messages back and forth with Ree the salon owner and boom it was all booked in. 
Rockalily Cuts is where it's at!

I rocked up at the salon the following morning and met Taylor the stylist. We started chatting right away and she seemed pretty shocked that I gave her full permission to absolutely do what ever she wanted to do and I guess it is a bit shocking a Church Minister happy to let a hairdresser loose knowing it would result in a wild and bright new do. But truth is it is jus…

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