'Home Is Where ...

...The Heart Is'
Or so they say!
Others say its the physical space that generates an emotional and spiritual reaction deep inside your guts, that resonates joy, comfort and releases all the flowery happy endorphins that give you both a buzz and yet generate a overwhelming sense of security.
Well if either of those is true then I am proud to say I am thoroughly at home at our local Gay Pride, Bourne Free

Perhaps that's not quite what you were expecting to find as you visited this page, as a Christian and a pastor at that its is not the usual hang out option of many of my colleagues nor is it where many people expect God to already be at work and yet He is.
Last year the sense of acceptance and unity I found was inspiring and this year did not disappoint on either of those attributes however the added bonus of this years experience was the overwhelmingly the sense of being at 'HOME'. Surrounded by familiar faces who deeply love each other, engulfed by colour and noise, embraced by sunshine in one of the worlds most special places and with my home baked rainbow cupcakes ready to bless others we set up our home.  
Lots of cupcakes were gladly given away, lots of conversations were had, some tears were shared, encouragements spoken and prayers were answered this is my happy home place and I want more of it Lord!
Space Youth Project is not a 'Christian Project' however I still am.