Glory Hunting

Monday - Friday, term time my daughter (she's 11yrs old) and I do this thing. 

Between 8.07am and 8:15am we have 8 glorious minutes alone together before our days start. One day a little while ago we were both particularly struggling, tired, emotional and feeling low. It was not a great way to start the day and not a pattern I am keen to become our normality. So as we drove I simply said 'Lets see if we can find the Glory of God before we get to school?'

Our treasure hunting for the Glory of God began... 

As I said a few weeks ago, we follow the missio dei but recognise that the God we know cannot be God, for she is always much much more. The challenge for us all is to go and mutually discover God, WITH our communities in OUR contexts.

Together with my daughter we needed to seek and find God in our context together, mutual partners on the quest for the hidden treasure! 

We found it! 

It changed our outlooks on the day and as we were talking about it on the way home she simply said 'Can we do it again tomorrow?' my response 'For Sure!' 

So this is what we do, day in day out we start our day together Glory hunting. 
Today we found this, no filters have been used:

Psalm 19
How clearly the sky reveals God's glory!
How plainly it shows what he has done! 
Each day announces it to the following day:
each night repeats it to the next. 
No speech or words are used, 
no sound is heard:
yet their message goes out to all the world 
and is heard to the ends of the earth. 
God made a home in the sky for the sun;
it comes out in the morning like a happy bridegroom like 
and athlete eager to run a race. 
It starts at one end of the sky and goes across to the other.
Nothing can hide from its heat.

Where do you find the Glory of God in your community and context?