World Aids Day Service 2014

Each World Aids Day a few locals try and work out how best to serve our community. 
The day has many parts but a significant part of the 
story is the service that happens at DYMK. 

Despite having over 200 churches in Bournemouth very few Christians will come 
and get involved in the service. 
I'm not really sure what they think happens but I am often asked whether the service will be 
pro LGBT or whether the people involved are practicing homosexuals. 
This is church language for trying to assert whether we will be encouraging people to be gay 
and trying to find out whether the clergy involved have active gay sex lives. 

Truth is the service is very similar to any you would find in your local church.

The emphasis is on creating a prayerful moment to remember those that have been lost locally to HIV/Aids,
 a chance to pray for all those living HIV positive 
and for those internationally involved in HIV/Aids research and its treatment. 

None of the clergy talk about their sexuality 
or anyone else's sexuality.
 Being queer or not is not the point. 
The point is it's World Aids Day and this is an overt act of Christian Worship, 
same as those that happen week in week out in churches across the country. 
This service just happens to be in a different space. 

This years order of service looked like this: 

Welcome from Canon John  
Prayers from Revd Angie 
Hymn - All Are Welcome 
Scripture Reading - Psalm 147 by Police Commissioner
Hymn - The Lord's My Shepherd
Address from Bishop Martyn 
Hymn- 10, 000 Reasons 
Lighting of Candles 
Scripture Reading - Psalm 23 by Kevin from Streetspace
Prayers from Canon John 
Blessing from Bishop Martyn 
Hymn - Build Your Kingdom Here 
Refreshments & Cupcakes 

Big love and thanks to Emma, Nick & Rhys for leading our sung worship

Here are some photos so you can see for yourself what it looks like: 

Perhaps now you can see how utterly regular and church service like it is 
you might consider being involved next year?  

Or perhaps this has stirred you to think how you can serve your local community 
on this important day. 
HIV doesn't discriminate it affects people all over the world regardless of their colour, class, gender, sexuality or religion.