Taboo: Theology of Evangelism Seminar with Andy du Feu

This was taken during the Youth Work Conference 2014 where I was a member of the live blogging team. If you have never been before then 2015 will be a great year to join in as the conference structure changes and we shall be having one big sleep over!

For now though, this is what unfolded in this seminar ...

Andy du Feu is the Youth & Community Director at Moorlands training and equipping Youth and Community students as they study Applied Theology. He is passionately involved in youth work in his local church. 

Andy is excited for Dumb and Dumber 2!
We are evangelists for the things we are passionate about, sharing funny videos on youtube, presenting so much as truth.
Andy has us shouting up what we are evangelists for:
Sheffield Wednesday Football club, apple, post it notes, movies.
The room has been asked 'What is the Good News?'
1st answer JESUS
2nd answer God in human form
3rd answer Life transformation
The call is to 'Preach the Good News'
Andy sings "Everything is awesome" Good news needs a new translation for the modern world, epic is not good enough. We can't use 'its unbelievable' but we can use 'game changer'.
Andy talks of Jesus when he rocks up in the synogogue and unrolls the Isaiah scroll and reads chapter 61 (My fave by the way!)  This is a game changer. You can't ignore that Jesus' ministry preached and acted. There was a sense of words and actions being used in tandem.
You will never know if the person you are talking to about Jesus is predestined or not. So get sharing!
Matthew 28: 18 - 20
Acts 1:8
Luke 24:47 - 49
You exist to go, you are compelled to go ...
The early church went with confidence, assurance that they were called to go. Luke 24 & Acts 1 Stay until you have received power, once you have power then go.
Worship proceeds outreach but 'keep us from just singing, move us into action, we must go...'
Spread manure out and things grow!
Jesus calls us to stay until we have the spirit and then launch mission, get on with it, go but persecution abounded. They received the spirit and stayed so persecution ran wild, the missioners fled but the apostles stayed. The narrative follows where the Holy spirit leads.
We've divorced discipleship from evangelism. We have focussed on discipleship without the call to make disciples who make disciples!
Can God honouring youth work exist without evangelism?
Attractional Youth Ministry - lots of fun, no barriers
Evangelism can get separated, the young people can get lost in the bright lights. Comfort zone of programming means we often don't take risks. Mission is the training ground. The 72 didn't have any resources, no finance, they simply went.
Evangelism isn't for the spiritually mature but the spiritually alive.
The stats for those identifying as Christian is mortifying, there is a mass exodus from church.
Lets get back to the man and the book.
Incarnation Ministry is seen as a core value of youth work. To be amongst people. But 1 Peter 3:15 assumes that someone is asking a question!
Preach the gospel at all times (with no words) means conversion can be sporadic.  It can lack the teeth, maintain relationships that are going no where. Steve Griffiths calls on hit and run youth ministry as a model. Following Jesus' example of meeting people once and transforming a life and then moving on.
Without actions no one listens, without words no one understands
The gospel provides the raw data for mission to use.
Confrontational Evangelism - presented as an argument, proclaimed and arguable. Acts 14. How many people are coming to faith in Jesus Christ? thats the measure of your youth work.
Maybe we need to lose our resources? We have so many resources but we are lacking conversions
We hold all these in tension, look for the bridges to travel on. Tell people who you have met, the change its made and where you are going!
Tell your story!
Perfect love drives out all fear so get going people...