Right then you beauties, how are you finding 2015? Here we are a few weeks in, are you tired yet?

This year I have set myself a challenge to be more of a cheerleader for the wonderful human beings that surround me, inspire me, encourage me and generally give me hope for the future. So with that in mind every Wednesday I aim to share with you the profile of some fabulously divine human beings so you too may share in all that they are and bring to the world.

Welcome to #WonderfulWednesday No. 2

Todays utterly divine human being I met on a weekend away with some random 20's and 30's I had never met before and I instantly fell in love with*.

So let me introduce them to you by sharing 10 things that totally captivate me about them:

1) They have the biggest smile

2) They are infectiously enthusiastic about everyone

3) They passionately love their community

4) They are ridiculously generous. If you needed a coat they would take theirs off their back to give it to you even if it was pouring with rain

5) They cheerlead for others all the time, always seeking to raise the profile of others over themselves 

6) They are always seeking to grow and develop 

7) They take risks

8) They don't follow the crowd 

9) They believe 6 impossible things before breakfast every day 

10) They knows what God has called them to do and they are doing it

Who is this #WonderfulWednesday human you may ask ...

John Wheatley 

John lives, works and plays on the Bournville Estate in Weston Super Mare. He heads up Streetspace Weston Super Mare an innovative, unique youth work project that has an authentic sense of community and is always seeking to love their community more. Streetspace isn't just a job for John it is calling and I am always excited to see where this is taking him. 

You can follow John as he adventures his way through life Twitter @JPWheatley1 I am sure more followers will peer pressure him into being more active! You can check out his community via the link above or you can find out more about the Streetspace Community Of Practice that John is affiliated with.   

*John was at the weekend away with his wife Cathy. She is a legend in her own right! We ended our weekend together with a group lunch and over the table I said out loud 'John I think I love you' sometimes we just meet people who we instantly connect with, this was one of those times. As we have grown to be friends my love for John (and for Cathy) has only increased!