Lots of people talk about loving others, its quite a trendy thing to do.

But sometimes what the world needs is a little less conversation and a little more action! 

Thats why this Valentines Day we decided to take affirmative action and make it visibly know that we love our community. 

During the past 6 weeks our Craftivist Group have been hand writing love letters to unknown recipients. 

Simple messages that remind people how precious, loved and unique they are. Each one displaying a huge dollop of love as people from all over the country met with us to take the time to craft something unique for others to be on the receiving end of a personal gift this Valentines.

A beautiful couple gift to us each month and this enabled us to buy some sweet treats to give away. We are incredibly thankful for this couple who despite living miles away have faith in what we do and love us loving others. Thats what the kingdom of God looks like if ever you want an example! 

Anyhow today its Valentines Day and so after weeks of working on this and collating it all together we were finally able to show this to the world...

This is how we started. Coffee at our fav place Flirt

and then we got busy 

  and then it ended up looking like this 

Many people ask us why we do this and the answer is simply this, we want people to know they are loved. Life can be tough, sometimes we don't feel like this is true, we feel ugly, unloved and worthless but we believe this isn't truth. Some times our emotions lie! 

Truth is you are unique, precious and beautiful. 
You are known and loved 
and perhaps today you just need to be reminded of that. 

So head to The Triangle in Bournemouth and pick up a hand written heart, know that someone thought about you and wrote a special message just for you this Valentines Day. Take a sweet treat and know that life is good. Take a moment to simply ponder this Valentines Day the ultimate truth ...