As you know by now I have set myself a challenge to be more of a cheerleader for the wonderful human beings that surround me, inspire me, encourage me and generally give me hope for the future. So with that in mind every Wednesday I aim to share with you the profile of some fabulously divine human beings so you too may share in all that they are and bring to the world.

Welcome to #WonderfulWednesday No. 7

Todays utterly divine human beings I met online but they do live in my home turf, Bournemouth. At first we connected via Twitter. Then I followed her youtube clips. Then we met in real life and the rest is just unwritten ...

So let me introduce them to you by sharing 10 things that totally captivate me about them:

1) She knows the meaning of hard work

2) She goes out on a limb for others

3) She is ridiculously inclusive  

4) She take risks  

5) She loves people  

6) She is a constant source of encouragement to embrace life 

7) She tells it like it is

8) Her determination is off the scale 

9) She is always seeking to grow, learn and develop 

10) Lots of people talk the talk but this woman struts the walk

Who is this #WonderfulWednesday human you may ask ...

Debbie Cannon 

Debbie has 3 jobs, she knows what it is to graft!  On top of all this she has recently birthed a new online support network for LGBTQ folks and their families, providing advice, encouragement and hope to complete strangers from across the world. A lot of people talk about making a difference in the lives of others but while most are talking Debbie simply gets on with outworking it! You can like the network and share it with others via LGBTQ Support Network on Facebook and you can follow her to gain a sense of her wisdom and insight via twitter

Debbie gives me hope! She is a bright, funny, intelligent, graceful woman and I feel honoured that I am able to get to know her. If only more people were this amazing the world would truly be a very different place!