As you know by now I have set myself a challenge to be more of a cheerleader for the wonderful human beings that surround me, inspire me, encourage me and generally give me hope for the future. So with that in mind every Wednesday I aim to share with you the profile of some fabulously divine human beings so you too may share in all that they are and bring to the world.

Welcome to #WonderfulWednesday No. 8

Todays utterly divine human beings I developed a bit of a fan girl thing for once upon a time! I found myself studying theology and reading things that they wrote, you know the kinda writing that makes you look up words, underline things, write AMEN and HELL NO in the margins? That kind of writing and practice of youth work resonated deep within me and then a some point that I can't quite put my finger on we became family. 

So let me introduce them to you by sharing 10 things that totally captivate me about them:

1) They make my heart and my heart hurt

2) They are a unrecognised hero of many 

3) They can cope with the unknown  

4) They take risks  

5) They love people  

6) They start the conversations others are afraid of having 

7) They call me to be more than I think I can be 

8) They listen more than they talk 

9) They are always seeking to grow, learn and develop 

10) They can see what most can't see 

Who is this #WonderfulWednesday human you may ask ...

Richard Passmore

Richard spends time enjoying and enduring life in the thin spaces between heaven and earth in Chard. He listens to, consults with, educates and inspires hundreds of youth workers here in the UK and across foreign shores. Richard has written a number of books that have messed with my head and my heart including;

He blogs his heart and head thoughts at Sunday Papers and you can follow him here

Without him I don't think I would be me and I am sure that there are many others for whom this is true too!