As you know by now I have set myself a challenge to be more of a cheerleader for the wonderful human beings that surround me, inspire me, encourage me and generally give me hope for the future. So with that in mind every Wednesday I aim to share with you the profile of some fabulously divine human beings so you too may share in all that they are and bring to the world.

Welcome to #WonderfulWednesday No. 15

Todays utterly divine human being and I first met on twitter, then we met in real life and now we make space to converse via Skype. He is a founding member of #YWCHAT and a bit of a legend amongst youth workers. 

So let me introduce them to you by sharing 10 things that totally captivate me about them:

1) They model equality

2) They actively want to grow 

3) They always make time for others

4) They are always positive 

5) They are passionate about equipping and enabling young people 

6) They support the right football team

7) They sing like an angel

8) They aren't afraid to stand up others

9) They make me laugh

10) They aren't swayed by others 

Who is this #WonderfulWednesday human you may ask ...

Dan Crouch 

Dan is a 'veteran' youth worker aka experienced, wise, mature, vintage!  

With a degree from CYM Dan is currently the Youth Worker at his home church in Keynsham where he regularly engages with young people from 11 yrs old and upwards in a whole variety of ways, both inside and outside of his church base. 

Alongside being a youth worker Dan is studying once again, this time for an MA and has a great focus on the area of youth participation. Ask him about it he is super passionate about it!   

Dan always has time for people. He is quite selfless at investing in the lives of others and walks what he talks. I really value his input into my life and particularly the wisdom and support he gives me as a female leader. I was very proud of him when he recently became a trustee for Sophia Network!

Dan's a reflector, he thinks, he reads, he ponders and asks big questions that most of us wouldn't ask. Some of that gets highlighted on his blog which is well worth spending some time with over a cuppa. 

That Dan Crouch, he is a good egg! 

You can follow Dan on Twitter here and he can often be found hanging out at the various Youth Worker Conferences. You can listen to his recent interview with Luke Whyte over at The Youth Workshop