As you know by now I have set myself a challenge to be more of a cheerleader for the wonderful human beings that surround me, inspire me, encourage me and generally give me hope for the future. So with that in mind every Wednesday I aim to share with you the profile of some fabulously divine human beings so you too may share in all that they are and bring to the world.

Welcome to #WonderfulWednesday No. 28

I first met todays heavenly human when I started getting involved with Aim Community back in its early days as a Salvation Army project and as the years have grown so too has our friendship.

So let me introduce them to you by sharing 10 things that totally captivate me about them:

1) They talk honestly about life
2) They take risks
3) They are ridiculously funny 
4) They are passionate about equipping others
5) They ask important questions 
6) They generate joy      
7) They create and curate opportunities   
8) They genuinely care about people         
9) They aren't afraid to try something new   
10) They want to grow and develop 

Who is this #WonderfulWednesday you may ask ...

Laurence Bennett

Laurence, Lol to his friends, lives in Christchurch with his awesome family. By day job he is the Divisional Youth Officer for the Southern Division of the Salvation Army. Lol is funny, he loves singing, can play the cornet and is committed to being a fabulous dad to his 3 young girls.   

Lol loves Jesus. He is passionate about equipping young people to step up into all that God has in store for them and works hard to create a diverse and creative range of opportunities for the young people in his charge. 

This guy thinks about all the little details that make up the bigger picture! 

This week Lol is heading up the annual 'Southern School of Creative Arts' a creative arts discipleship week for young people under 25 from across the southern division. He and his generous team have spent months prayerfully curating this week so that young people have a broad range of opportunities to learn new skills, enhance their gifting and meet with Jesus in a real and game changing way. I have had the privilege to visit the summer school twice as a speaker and the community these beaut humans curate is breath taking. Generating space for young people to be fully themselves, loved, known and welcomed. I love what their team is about and am thankful for the opportunity to be a small part of it. 

Lol is committed to growth and development and as such he is also a Field Work Tutor for Moorlands College. Investing time into the development of other leaders as they journey through their applied theology courses. Lol makes a great running partner, he challenges, inspires and encourages me always. He reminds me to listen to God more than humans, to see Christ in others and to grab the opportunities that come my way. If you learn from an experience than its not a failure! 

I am incredibly thankful for Lol and those in the Salvation Army like him who are called to serve in positions of practical and spiritual support to young people. They are not the future of the church, they are the current church and they are ready to step up and fight, watch out world.