Carols, Cocktails & Collaboration - Christmas 2015

Not gonna lie I do love Flirt Cafe Bar.

Rob and Peter work very hard to curate a space that is truly inclusive and safe for all people.

It was such a delight to host with them this years Carols and Cocktails event.

We started the evening with a moment of reflection, lighting candles and taking a moment to breath. Remembering those we love who are no longer here to celebrate this season with us.
And then the local Salvation Army Brass Band joined us. I don't know about you but its not Christmas for me until I've heard a Salvation Army Brass Band playing carols. We use the Bethlehem Carol Sheets to guide us as we journey our way through traditional carols together. Stopping every now and then for a cocktail or two, of course non alcoholic choices are always available (Flirt is inclusive remember). A collection was taken to help the SA as they host Christmas for local people.

Lots of singing, laughter and merriment filled Flirt!

And our friends at MCC Bournemouth took to the floor to perform for us ...

... and left us speechless! 

A special Christmas blessing was shared and lots of hugs were had on the door as people headed out into the night. 

All very simple, nothing very spectacular and yet, as always, it was a deeply moving time. 

Thank you to all those that came and were church with us for the evening!

Thank you to all those that collaborated to make the evening possible! 

And THANK YOU to Rob and Peter for gifting us such a holy evening! 


  1. Good to see this Christmas celebration. I too went to a famous Christmas event at one of San Francisco event venues. Melodious carols were sung there by a popular band. The attendees loved and appreciated it. I was also very happy to be a part of that event.

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