In churches up and down the country,
 52 weeks a year, 
the message of God's love for the world, 
through Jesus Christ gets shared from a platform. 

We are very good at talking about how to love strangers 
but truth is sometimes we struggle to move out of comfort zone 
and love those outside of our church walls. 

The community I live in lacks that love. 
Please read me right, the community itself is glorious and loving 
however, despite having 200 odd churches in our borough we aren't exactly beating Christians off with a stick. 

Now Valentines Day, whether you love it or not, 
provides a great opportunity to express that love we like to talk about in practical ways to any community. 

Because some times the change has to start with us, 
we have to be the first ones to step out and try something new.

So last Valentines we did this

We like to mix it up though, we get bored! 
So this year when thinking all things Valentines we wanted to do something a little more up close and personal:

so we took some roses 

wrote little messages on each of them 

and headed to our fav place

But why? you might ask ...

No need for fancy explanations. 
We have received a love, the greatest love and it is our calling to share it. 

Be the change you wish to see. 
Why not show your community some love this Valentines? 


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