I'm not comfortable at describing myself, there is a fine balance between telling people who you are and a self indulgent sales pitch so I asked some friends who know me well to comment and they say:

'Real, Raw, Relevant'

'fun, effervescent and dedicated'

'selfless, determined and amazing'

'This is no ordinary Gemma, this is Gemma Dunning!'

Truth is they want paying in cakes for those comments & I am not sure I agree with them! For I am many things to many people and daily this shifts and changes depending on the context.  Anyhow, one constant is it all comes out of this:

    My family completes me. Without meaningful connection to them I am not the best me I can be.

    Personal growth is vital.  I am seeking the fullness of life as Jesus promises in John 10:10, learning, being challenged and changed are all essential parts of this.

    I want to change the world.  I believe in my gut that I am invited into the ongoing restoration work of Christ in the world and this will be messy and painful but also beautiful and life giving.

    Everyone has the right to thrive. I believe Jesus when he says His kingdom is for the whosoevers.  I am called to encourage and support people regardless of any differences between myself and others.

      Creativity adds flavour. Life is richer with colour, noise and movement, anyone and everyone can add to the recipe.


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