Ministry Adventures

Life is for living and as I love a broad range of people this has led me to become involved in a number of different ministries: 

I am a Minister at a Baptist & URC Local Ecumenical Partnership Church & involved in various pioneering ministry networks including Frontier Youth Trust & Incarnate.

A big passion of mine is to build positive healthy bridges between the local LGBTQ community & the local church in order to support people to still have access to a faith community regardless of their sexuality or gender identity.  

I have just finished a 4 year stint as a pastoral facilitator for Diverse Church, a supportive network of communities for young LGBTQ Christians, over 30's and parents of LGBTQ Christians in UK evangelical churches. As this season ends I am focusing on my roles within the Baptist Union Council, as an Affirm Trustee and on the Christians at Pride London Team. 

A youth worker at heart, I am a contributor to 4 Views on Ministering to LGBTQ Teenagers published by The Youth Cartel and am often found in a class room of youth work students training and equipping others.  

I bake cake and paint nails, both of which curate opportunities to connect with those outside of the church walls.

In addition to this, having seen first hand the effects of human trafficking, I am also a trustee for Cross Border Initiatives.  

Life is colourful, vibrant and very diverse. 


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